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A trip to India always makes a great impact on any individual’s senses. Traveling inside India is an amazing experience all together. The trip will dwell in your heart for lifetime, as memories of India will touch your soul. India is diverse, colorful, inspirational, and rich in her culture and humanity. When you move from one region to another region, you will be exposed to dramatic changes in culture, language, cuisine, dress, religion, custom and tradition. Parade of bicycles, sputtering motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, tinsel-dropped trucks, camel carts and occasional cow in a single place is not un-common in India. Understanding India’s extremes that are evident in country’s climatic conditions (show cold in North and 45 degree C in central India), economy, government, ancient history, rich culture, geography, technology, arts (medicine, music & dances), languages will surely enhance one’s personal experiences and stimulate inspiration. Some of the most majestic and historical sights of the world – The Taj Mahal, The Ganges, The Himalayas, Ajanta-Ellora, with all its variety, feels more like a series of countries strung together than a cohesive whole.



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